God's Special Garden

Within God's own Special Garden, are special children in His care. 

They live and bloom eternally, and give Him joy beyond compare. 

Each family who is given a flower from above, has been blessed by

 God's own garden, and filled with His own happiness and love.

Please allow God's special flower to blossom, 

while kept within your care.

Our good Lord was very certain when he placed His 

special flower there.

May your home be filled with His awesome grace,

and your heart be filled with joy…

For You were chosen by His love,

to care for His own Special Girl or Boy.


      My name is Kim (Ashley's mom,) and I would like to tell you about our precious daughter.  Ashley is nine years old and was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome when she was six years old.  Rett Syndrome is the worst disability in the Autism spectrum, because it it affects the children physically.  Ashley cannot walk, use her hands to hold objects or use speech to communicate. It is truly amazing to see Ashley interact with people because although she can do none of those things, she still has such an affect on people.  She has the best smile and laugh.  People seem to be drawn to her.  We sometimes joke that maybe she is an angel sent just for us.

      Ashley loves music and ice cream.  She loves to play with her brother Kent. He can always make her laugh.  Although he is only 12, he has such patience with her.  I am very proud of him, and I know it is not always easy.  I also know how much his sister means to him and that is why he never complains when extra time has to be spent with Ashley.  


      My name is Howard, my niece Donna is a Down Syndrome child.  She is one of the precious flower's in God's own special garden. Donna is in her fifties now, and is slowing down considerably.  She continues to be a blessing and inspiration of courage to her entire family.  Donna has always challenged herself in the areas of both work and play.  At a young age she made her mom and dad especially proud when she received  the olympic award at summer camp for the handicapped.  As an adult, she worked daily at a food market chain, and other special jobs.  Donna has loved fully, and has known the love of family; children; neighbors and pets. Susan and I would like to thank Donna and the other precious flowers who have graced this world with their presence.

*Our Donna recently was taken to Heaven. 



      Dylan is a very happy, contented individual.  He is always willing to help others.  He helps with his chores around the house, and loves to cook and eat.  

      Dylan loves to play basketball, (he's been shooting baskets. since he was 2).  He also loves baseball and is an excellent swimmer.  Dylan is a great prayer warrior, he will pray for anyone who is sick, and it comes right from his heart.

      Dylan spends hours playing his guitar.  He has two great ambitions – one is to have a band in church, and the other is to write music.  Dylan is an inspiration to all those that meet him.